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Win up to $3,000 in Holiday Cash from Title Tree

How could winning a pile of holiday cash change your life?

holiday cashJust imagine what it would be like to win up to $3,000 in holiday cash from Title Tree! What would you do with it?

Get Merry!
Just imagine that smile. You know the one, that ear-to-ear grin that says you’ve just made someone very, very happy. Winning up to $3,000 would sure go a long way toward helping you give some amazing gifts this holiday season. Your heart’s always been bigger than your wallet, and this year, winning this pile of cash will let you shower your loved ones in gifts.

Get Started!
Have you wanted to move but couldn’t afford it? You can use your winnings for a down payment on a new home. There are special borrowing programs available allowing for little money down, as well as rent-to-own financing. Use your new chunk of change to become a homeowner.

Need better appliances? Maybe you’d like to use your money for better features or furnishings. Post-holiday sales offer the lowest bargains on every type of item. Take the chance to upgrade your lifestyle with your surprise cash.

Go on Vacation!
How long have you been dreaming of going there? You know – that sunny, beach vacation, or maybe a trip back home, or maybe even somewhere else you’ve always wanted to go. Win the cash giveaway, and you can start packing your bags.

Get a Winning Smile!
Dental work is one of the most ignored types of medical help. Why? Fillings, braces, caps and the like are expensive. Most insurance companies demand big copays for the work or they consider it elective, but having a nice smile can impact your life in significant ways, all the way from the boardroom to a dinner date. Winning up to $3,000 would go a long way toward a beautiful smile.

Get Your Education Started!
An infusion of cash can also be made to last by making investments in yourself. Fund your education and you’ll invest in your life in a way that last for a lifetime. Spending your winnings on education can make good financial sense. If you’re afraid of racking up big student loans, invest in a few credits instead. Once you’ve done well in beginning classes, you’ll be eligible for scholarships and grants you can use to pay expenses. You can also use the money to help pay for your living expenses while you’re in school.

Get a Business Going!
What if you used your winnings to start your own business? You could turn that $3,000 into a whole lot more! Say goodbye to having a boss, because as a business owner, you’ll set your own schedule, choose your clients, and chart your own course. You have the freedom to make changes right as they’re needed. Turn your winnings into a career by using them for a startup.

Enter the Title Tree Holiday Cash Giveaway Now

You can’t win without entering, so get on the move today and enter before Monday, December 22, 2014. You can enter for the Title Tree Giveaway in two ways:

  1. Get a title pawn. Whether you’re already a customer or this is your first title pawn, you’ll be entered as soon as you are approved. The process is simple and takes just a few minutes. All you need is and ID and paperwork proving residency, income, and ownership of your car.
  1. Make a timely payment. Do you already have a title pawn with Title Tree? Make your next payment on-time, and you’ll qualify for the holiday cash drawing. Not only will you secure your standing as a trusted customer, you’ll be in the running to win big money.

Call the nearest Title Tree Branch for more details now, and enter to win up to $3,000 in holiday cash!

Wondering If a GA Auto Pawn Shop Can Help You with That Down Payment? Read This to Find Out

GA auto pawnDid you know that a GA auto pawn shop isn’t reported on your credit? If you’re short for the down payment needed for a house, you can safely use your car to secure what you need. Traditional lenders won’t have any clue you’ve borrowed the money, and unlike with a pawn shop, you’ll leave with your property.

Investing a larger down payment when you purchase a home has several benefits. Firstly, it can improve your chances of receiving a mortgage. A larger payment can also lower your long-term interest rates, saving you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. It makes financial sense to take out an affordable a GA auto pawn shop to minimize long-term expenses.

Stay on the road and meet your home ownership goals by following these easy steps:

  1. Gather Your Documents

    Do you have a valid copy of your car’s title? This paperwork proves you own your car and gives your financial service provider a guarantee of your intention to repay your loan. Without a title, you wouldn’t be able to insure your car, much less use it as collateral. If you don’t have a title, you can order a new one through the DMV of the state where your vehicle is registered. While some offices can issue these immediately, others require 7 – 10 days to process requests and payments.In addition to the title, you will need a valid ID, proof of residency and proof of money coming into your home. For most people, this means you need a copy of your driver’s license, a utility bill delivered to you at your home address and a pay stub. For those who are students or self-employed, bank statements, tax statements or even a statement of benefits may suffice. If you have a special circumstance, you may wish to speak with your lender before going to apply in person.

  1. Clean Your Car

    As part of the application request, a lender will go over your car to get a sense of its value. A clean car will always command a higher price. Not only does it save a potential buyer from having to clean it up themselves, but it gives the impression that you’ve taken good care of it. Along those lines, if you have maintenance records, take them with you. Seeing evidence of responsible ownership helps boost your car’s value.Once determined, your car’s value is used to set the terms of your loan. You don’t have to borrow the total amount available—and really, you should only take what you need to prevent repayment from becoming a burden. Buying a house is not the time to kick off a history of credit problems.

  1. Call Your Lender

    Today’s home loan programs vary on the amount of down payment required, from zero down for rural programs to ultra-low interest mortgages requiring 20 percent or more. Some of these programs also have restrictions on where you get those funds, with near universal rejection for a borrower who takes out a traditional loan to cover them. Personal short-term financing plans can often fly under the radar because they don’t show up on your credit reports.

It takes roughly 30 minutes to process a title pawn application, providing you with the funds for your down payment in record time. You can approach your lender with your funds and start the closing process on your house ASAP.

Visit a Title Tree location near you to learn more about how getting a GA auto pawn using your car can help you get cash.



How Title Pawn Can Help You Pay for All Those School Supplies This Year

Douglasville Title Pawn

An Douglasville title pawn is perfect for one-time expenses, such as back-to-school shopping, that many people struggle to manage on their own. According to the National Retail Federation, the average family will spend over $600 on clothes and supplies for the upcoming school year. That figure is up from last year, during a time when average household income is falling. Parents are being forced to get creative in order to find more reasonable financing options.

Back-to-School is a Budget Problem for 80 Percent of Families

Analysts note a coming problem on the horizon for many big box retailers, including stores like Target, Walmart and Kohl’s. Consumers can’t afford to keep these stores afloat. Families have lost an average of $4800 in annual income since 2007. At the same time, prices continue to rise, as have school-mandated supply lists. What was once limited to pencils and paper now includes see-through book bags and tech-related purchases like smart disks or screen wipes. More people have more purchases to make, but less money to spend. Industry leaders expect the 2014 back-to-school buying season to be a struggle for up to 80 percent of the families shopping. Parents just don’t have room in their budgets for this big of an expense, and many are looking for ways to lessen the burden.

Title Pawns Present Affordable, Accessible Financing

Most banks have tightened their belts when it comes to personal loans. They want to see near perfect credit scores, guaranteed incomes and what they deem justifiable reasons to need a loan. Unfortunately, because you know your kids will be in school and need these supplies every year, bank executives may not feel comfortable granting a loan for a small expected purchase. They may doubt your ability to repay the loan if you weren’t able to save up $600 to $1000 over the course of a year. Douglasville title pawn dealers are more reasonable. We realize the money you’ve saved often gets allocated to unexpected emergencies, leaving you without the funds for notebooks and memory sticks. Our financing decisions are based on the value and ownership of your car and your monthly income, which can include earnings from a job, interest from an investment, school loan disbursements, alimony and child support or other sources. Additionally, part of our commitment to you includes respecting your privacy.

Get Financing Fast Enough to Take Advantage of Flash Deals

Sometimes it isn’t the school supply list posing a problem, but a surprise sale the store hosts along with back-to-school incentives. Retailers have been promoting school supplies since May. They know parents are in buying mode and use these last-minute bargains as a way to increase profits across the board. Title pawn financing is available in just a few minutes, so you won’t miss out on these specials. Could taking advantage of these deals save you significant money down the road? Would you save more than you’d spend on fees borrowing the money? Deals like these really help people see how Douglasville title pawns can be used as a smart tool for timely spending.

Even Big Box Stores Are Struggling

According to reports, big box stores’ sales are down month-over-month. The American people aren’t spending enough to go around. Stores are expected to make a big push for business through the end of 2014, including an aggressive back-to-school season. Nearly one-quarter of retail stores were advertising for back-to-school in May of this year, and 47 percent of all retail outlets saw the inclusion of school supplies in their stock. Kohl’s, for instance, tried to capitalize on the sale of their popular rock-fem designs through backdoor sales of folders and notebooks. When the stores are scrambling to cover costs, it makes sense when parents are too. If you need help buying school supplies or new clothes or shoes for your kids’ upcoming school years, look into your financial options like Douglasville title pawns. Consider those last-minute store specials too. They can represent solid deals which can save you big in the future. Visit your nearest Title Tree location for the information on Douglasville title pawn in Georgia.

Wondering About Auto Pawn Shops? Here are 3 Ways it Can Help You Out of a Jam

loganvill auto pawn shopsIf you need money now, an auto pawn shop is your best bet at convenient, customizable short-term financing. It’s a relatively new financial product people are clamoring to take advantage of. Just look at a few of the potential benefits.

1     Auto pawn shops keep you driving while paying your bills. There’s a misconception that an auto pawn is like a pawn shop transaction, where you trade your property for cash. With a title pawn – often called a title loan outside of Georgia – you get cash and keep your car.

2     The money is delivered fast enough to help you avoid eviction. If you’ve received a 3-day notice to quit, don’t fear. Take your car’s title, and go take care of your bills. You won’t spend days waiting for approval while missing financial significant deadlines. Get your money now when it’s needed. You can create a suitable repayment plan without turning over your car.

3     Use auto pawn shops for financing for whatever you like. In contrast to a traditional bank loan, your source for auto pawns doesn’t try to police your time and resources. Your application will consist solely of how valuable your car is, your proof of ownership and your ability to repay the funds.

Stop sweating those surprise bills, and take control of your finances in a flash. Apply for an auto pawn in Loganville and you’ll have your decision in minutes flat.

Ask Title Tree whether you qualify for GA auto pawn today.

Air Conditioning Break Down? How a GA Auto Pawn Can Help You Keep Your Cool

GA auto pawnDon’t let the summer’s heat leave you sweating like a beast. Use a GA auto pawn to stop sweating today.

If your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a Georgia heat wave, you’re in trouble; use a GA auto pawn to fix your problems ASAP. Cool air isn’t just a luxury for many residents here. If you’re afraid you won’t be able to get a traditional loan in time, use your car title to secure the short-term financing you need to keep your cool.

Pay for Emergency AC Repair Using a GA Auto Pawn

Using your car’s title to secure financing is an ingenious solution for people who need cash immediately. You can’t take the sweltering Georgia heat for long. You may need AC to maintain your health, and thankfully, auto pawns are easily adjusted to suit your long-term needs. Here are two helpful methods you can use:

  1. Secure a short-term title pawn to fix your AC, and then pay it off with traditional financing. If you’ve got good credit, go ahead and apply for a traditional loan at a bank or credit union. In the meantime, use a title pawn to get the repairs you need taken care of now.
  2. Create an affordable title pawn repayment plan. While auto pawns run for 30 days, customers have the option to renew as long as they pay their very reasonable financing fees. Speak with a lending specialist about a repayment plan suited to your budget.

If your air conditioner is struggling to keep your home cool, don’t wait for it to break down completely. Georgia is no place to rely on fans for summer relief. Use a short-term title pawn to get the maintenance and repairs you need.

Ask Title Tree whether you qualify for a GA auto pawn.

Your Car and Pawn Shops in Douglasville: How the Two Can Work Together to Help Keep Your Car Running

pawn shopsOwn a car? Use it to avoid pawn shops in Douglasville.

You don’t have to rely on pawn shops in Douglasville, GA to cover emergency repairs. If your car needs work, pay for it with a title pawn instead. Keep your belongings and get your car back up and running with this ultra-convenient financing option.

Why You Don’t Need Pawn Shops

Your car may be the only big item you own. What happens when you need repairs? You likely need it for work, so turning it in to a pawn shop won’t help you in the long-term. Instead of risking your employment and relying on busses to get by, consider a title pawn instead.

Apply for short-term financing based on just the title of your car. Get your cash in minutes, get the repairs you need and get back on the road in record time. You can also tailor your repayments to your income by taking advantage of renewable 30-day financing arrangements.

Pawn Shops Avoid Car-Based Financing

It’s not just faster to get a title pawn. It’s easier too. Pawn shops in Atlanta are notorious for refusing to accept any items with problems, and cars can have a thousand things wrong with them and still run just fine. Pawn shops focus on retail value and on convincing you to take the lowest deal possible. If you head to a shop, expect to set aside several hours for negotiating. Don’t waste your time. Grab your title and head to a title pawn financer instead.

Visit a Title Tree location near your Douglasville, GA home to learn more about how your car can keep you out of pawn shops in Douglasville.


Loganville, GA Auto Pawn Can Get You Out From Under Those Unpaid Bills

GA auto Pawn LoganvilleLook into a new GA auto pawn option offering consumers the chance to get out of debt with lightning speed. Auto or title pawns provide you with financing based on your car ownership. While you do need some income, you don’t need a job, meaning they work well for anyone. Don’t let debt get you down. Follow these steps to get out and stay out with help from an auto pawn.

Use Auto Pawns to Make Settlements

Sometimes creditors will offer you the chance to settle an account. If your total bill is $600, for instance, you might be offered a settlement for $450 if you can pay the money right away, all at once. What do you do if you don’t have the money? Head to Title Tree with your auto title. In just a few minutes, you can walk out with the cash you need to wipe your debts clean for hundreds less than you would have normally paid.

Use a GA Auto Pawn to Start a Business

In today’s economy, most people can’t survive on one income. Use an infusion of cash for an auto pawn to start a side business. Look at your skills, your talents and your contacts to see what needs you can fill. Also look to Atlanta-area resources for help in legally starting a business of your own.

The application process is simple. Just take your car and title, an official ID and proof of income and residency to your nearest Title Tree. After looking over your paperwork and your car, you’ll be given an estimated repayment schedule. Agreements last for 30 days, and are renewable with a minimum payment, ensuring your plan stays affordable.

Ask Title Tree whether you qualify for a GA auto pawn in Loganville, GA today.

Planning Your Spring Break Getaway? How an Auto Title Pawn Can Help You Get the Cash to Pay for It!

atlanta auto title pawnUse an auto title pawn to get away for a wild and crazy weekend with your friends. Spring Break is coming up soon. It’s important to get your travel plans situated now so you don’t get left behind. Get the cash you need to secure your place on the sand and leave your cold, boring dorm room behind with help from a new, exciting kind of financing. You’ll be amazed at all the convenient repayment options available from your trusted Atlanta auto title pawn.

High-Speed Getaway

When time-sensitive travel deals pop up online, you really have to scurry in order to get a reservation. An Atlanta title pawn is perfect for these situations. See an ad, talk with your friends and get the financing you need to take advantage of these chances at super savings in just a few minutes. Pay pennies on the dollar for an amazing Spring Break getaway using your car’s title as a repayment guarantee.

You’ll have no worries about losing your ability to drive in the meantime either. Auto title pawns allow you to stay on the road, and to create affordable, flexible repayment plans. If you’re from outside of GA, you may know these arrangements by the name “title loan.”

You can also renew your repayment plan every 30 days, allowing your trip investment to be spread out over a few months or an entire year. Don’t miss out on the chance to make lasting memories.

Visit your nearest Title Tree location for the information you need on Atlanta auto title pawn programs before you start selling your belongings at pawn shops to make your epic Spring Break trip happen.

Holiday Injury? How a Cash Advance in Lithia Springs Can Help When You Need Cash Fast

cash advanceQuickly and easily get the medical care you need with a cash advance; Lithia Springs residents have access to surprising new options. Instead of waiting days on traditional financing or getting rid of your belongings in a questionable pawn shop, secure a cash advance with the help of your car title. These arrangements take advantage of exciting new alternatives to borrowing money when you need it the most.

Quickly Cover Your Co-Pays

Having insurance isn’t enough to secure quality healthcare, and emergency rooms don’t do it all. If you had a holiday fall or if the season’s sweet caused you tooth problems, you’ll need cash in order to see a doctor. Cover your medical co-pays in an instance with a title pawn. If that term is unfamiliar, you may know it by another name. Because of differing regulations, various states use terms like “auto pawns,” or “title loans” to describe the process.

Getting Cash with Your Car’s Title

To use your car for a cash advance, Lithia Springs residents should consider “title pawns” for emergency funding. Just take your car title, your ID and proof of residency into the financer’s office. It will take a few minutes to go over your car and your application. Drive away with your money minutes later, and access to a number of affordable repayment plans.

No one should have to wait for health care. Unfortunately, there are financial responsibilities that can keep medical assistance out of reach. Get seen today by checking out all your options.

Ask Title Tree whether you qualify for a title pawn cash advance. Lithia Springs residents can be seen in minutes.

Did Christmas Take a Toll on Your Bank Account? How an Auto Pawn in Norcross Can Help

auto pawnAn auto pawn in Norcross isn’t what it appears. This new type of financing allows you to use your car title to secure a short-term cash advance. Drivers stay on the road while they take care of their bills, and have several affordable options when it comes to repaying the funds.

The only thing they have in common with pawn arrangements you might be familiar with is the time it takes to process your application. Walk in with your title, proof of residence and your ID, and you can walk out with cash a few minutes later. They offer an excellent alternative to traditional financing at banks when you don’t have time to wait for a decision.

Unlike auto loans, you can also renegotiate or renew your loans throughout the repayment process. This helps keep things affordable for you, and ensures you never worry about losing your collateral. The convenience and personal service you receive is more than worth the interest charged, though you will likely be happily surprised by your rates when compared to borrowing by pawning your belongings.

Take care of financial emergencies immediately with the help of this exciting new option. It’s available to anyone regardless of credit and – depending on your circumstances – regardless of your employment status. Even students can take advantage of auto pawn funding, so don’t delay when sour surprises come your way.

Visit a Georgia Title Tree location near you to learn more about how your car can keep you out of pawn shops through a Norcross auto pawn.