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Not Ready for a Total Spending Freeze? Simple Ways to Cut Spending Habits to Make a Big Impact on Your Budget

cut spending habitsIt takes time to permanently cut spending habits, but there are many ways to save in the meantime. Try a variety of mini-methods for cutting your spending, and keep the ones that work the best for your budget.

Here are 8 ways to ease into better financial habits:

  1. Discover where your money goes. Use one of the new budgeting apps to figure out how much is coming in and going out. Once you realize all of the places you’re really swiping your debit card, it’s so much easier to avoid the need.
  1. Avoid overcharges and return fees. One overcharge can result in hundreds of dollars in overcharge fees. How? First, the retailer sends the payment to the bank and when it bounces, the bank penalizes your account. Most retailers can send a payment through two or three times, resulting in multiple overcharges. Finally, the retailer can send your payment back to you with a bad check fee. Worse, in some areas, writing a bad check is a crime, resulting in arrest, missed work and the need for a lawyer.
  1. Consider a shopping app. How would it feel to scan an item and find the lowest price available in your area? Several mobile applications allow you to do just that. You can also use this handy information to secure lower prices in grocery stores and retail establishments with price-matching policies.
  1. Use shopper rewards. Whether you rely on a debit card with a cash-back program or use an app like Ibotta to credit your account for every purchase you make, you can earn a surprising amount by just changing your methods for buying items. Forget about frequent flier miles if you’re not likely to use them, and choose reward programs which directly impact your budget.
  1. Save big at the pump. Available over the phone or online, GasBuddy helps you find the lowest gas prices available. Not only is it great for day-to-day use, but you can use it to save a significant amount during vacations. You can also enjoy discounts at participating stations by using their gas payment cards.
  1. Compare satellite and cable to streaming services. You can pay for a year’s worth of streaming services for less than you might be paying for one month of cable. Why foot the bill for shows you don’t want to see? With devices like Apple TV available for consumers, there’s no longer a need. Think the selection on Netflix is too limited or too expensive? It’s not the only reliable provider in media streaming. Newcomers have joined the market that provide on-par programming at lower prices. Some come with additional benefits too, like Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping and Kindle rentals.
  1. Take your payment information out of your phone. Apple Pay is being hailed as ultra-convenient, but that’s bad for your bank account if you’re struggling to cut spending habits. Having to get your card out of your wallet or get money from an ATM can help you save because it forces you to consider whether an expense is really necessary.
  1. Optimize your energy use. Sometimes our biggest expenses build up without our even noticing. Keep your energy use in check by shutting off lights, unplugging chargers and turning off appliances until they’re needed. You can also save big by keeping your HVAC filters changed often and by using smart devices like the ultra-efficient Insteon LED light bulb.

It can take time and practice to cut spending habits needed to make you paycheck stretch far enough. If you need a bit of wiggle room, Title Tree is always here to help. Call or visit your nearest store to find out whether you qualify for a title pawn, capable of making ends meet while you build habits that count.

The Shopper’s Guide to a Holiday Cash Advance

holiday cash advanceA cash advance isn’t just a tool for covering emergency bills. You can effectively use a short-term loan to boost your buying power over the holidays. Following this advice will allow you to raise your credit score, tap into traditional lending programs and gain access to consumer tools useful at any time of year.

Cash Advance + Holiday Secured Credit Offer = Fast Track to Stellar Credit Scores

The holidays are famous for their credit specials. From zero percent interest to frequent flyer miles and cash back programs, these incentives aren’t just for people who already have credit cards. There are also secured credit offers at this time of year which allow people who are building (or rebuilding) their credit. You can tap into these benefits and enjoy holiday savings and long-term benefits.

Financial experts recommend putting down a deposit for a secured credit card, and using it to make timely monthly payments, like the payments for your cash advance. Use your paycheck to pay off your credit card bill on time each month, aiming to pay all but 5 – 10 percent of your bill. Ironically, keeping a small balance on your card is better for your credit than completely paying it off.

Cash Advance + Holiday Steals = Best Presents Ever

The luster of Black Friday deals have dulled considerably since the periodic brawling of budget buyers turned to real tragedy. During the thick of the recession, shoppers and security offers were seriously injured—sometimes killed—as crowds turned to chaos. Today’s Black Fridays still offer incredible discounts, but nothing that fuels the same kind of frenzy. Instead, stores extend the buying weekend throughout Cyber Monday, when most discounts are found online and people can take part from the safety of their own homes.

True holiday treasures are often peppered throughout the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It may only be one item in the store, but once announced, you have a very limited amount of time to get the money you need to cash in. Typical bargain buys include flat screen TVs, gaming systems and other pricey tech gadgets. You can get in on these bargains even when you don’t have money on-hand, by taking out a few minutes of your day to check out your buying options.

There’s a new type of short-term financing available that takes just minutes to process and complete. A pawn title cash advance near Atlanta, GA, can be completed in 30 minutes, providing you with the flash financing you need to take advantage of the best buys. Drive straight to the store and cash in on the biggest bargain of the season, maximizing your spending dollars and saving much more than you’d pay on financing fees.

Cash Advance + Holiday Travel Deals = Getting Home for the Holidays

Unexpected sales on limited items go quickly, especially in terms of travel deals. The holidays are one of the most expensive times of year to fly, but if a plane hasn’t been filled a few days before take-off, airlines announce a price drop. They do this through email and social media, so make sure you’re signed up to receive these notifications.

Similarly, you can find special prices for lodging, dining and popular tourist destinations. These offers can help offset the cost of transportation when you can’t find cheap tickets to use to get home or to purchase more presents for your family and friends once you arrive. Make sure to keep family together during the holidays by using a title pawn to secure the best prices.

Click to ask Title Tree whether you qualify for an auto pawn holiday cash advance near Atlanta, GA.



A Cash Advance Is the Best Way to Get Those Much Needed New Tires. Read This to Find Out Why

cash advance in AtlantaSave a bundle using a cash advance in Atlanta to improve your car’s performance. The winter weather forecast for Georgia this year includes lower temperatures, an especially snowy January and rainy conditions throughout spring, leading up to a tropical storm in May. Each of those conditions seriously impacts your safety, as well as your gas mileage, so making a sensible tire switch before cold weather rolls is well worth it.

You’ll Need Snow Tires This Winter

Many cars sold in mild climates come with low-quality, all-season or summer tires. These work well on warm, dry pavement, but as soon as temperatures drop low enough for snow to fall, their rubber starts to harden. Tires rely on pliability to hug the road, providing enough traction to safely steer.

Winter snow tires are made with softer rubber to provide better traction in slick conditions. They also often have deeper treads and may have tracks or studs for gripping ice or snow covered surfaces. State and local governments may not be ready for the weather conditions this year, so don’t expect adequate salting and sanding to keep you mobile. Make sure it’s not needed by putting snow tires on your vehicle before the cold weather strikes.

You’ll Need Summer Tires This Spring

Unfortunately, while winter tires do a bang-up job in freezing weather, they won’t do much good once spring rolls around. Warmer temperatures make rubber soft—too soft to provide the control you’ll need after winter is through. Add in the amounts of rain expected, and you’d be lucky not to lose control of your car.

Summer tires provide the traction needed to handle both heat and rain. They’re thinner, maintaining better handling and allowing less chance of hydroplaning on wet pavement.  Use a cash advance for two new sets of tires in order to keep yourself safe all year long.

Changing Your Tires throughout the Year

The thought of changing 8 tires a year is enough to convince some drivers to get all-season tires. It’s a mistake to assume these products will help you in deep snow or heavy rain. All-season tires work best in mild climates and on clear, dry pavement.   They likely won’t handle the rougher weather on its way.

Most shops have the tools to change tires quickly and efficiently, and because it’s such a simple job, reputable shops won’t charge very much. Spending $10 – $20 a season to secure your safety in bad weather is the best investment you could make all year. In areas with mobile mechanics, you may be able to have your tires swapped out without leaving the comfort of home.

When to Replace or Repair Your Tires

If you already have snow and summer tires, or if you’re not intending to make the change, you want to keep an eye out for dangerous levels of wear. During the lifetime of your tires, you can preserve tread by maintaining tire pressure, driving safely and frequently rotating your tires. Doing so helps keep your car in excellent shape, and it helps you get the most of every dollar you spend on gas. Tires with uneven tread lower your gas mileage.

Maintaining tire pressure alone can save you a significant amount in gasoline costs. Modern cars come with a tire pressure warning system, but drivers don’t often realize this only alerts you when your tires are dangerously low and in danger of failing. In order to preserve the health of your tires and beneficial levels of air pressure, it’s important to monitor them regularly, either by checking them or installing special tire valve caps that display the current pressure rates.

If you’re suffering from leaks, bubbles or low tread, you should replace your tires before they blow out. You don’t have to replace all four unless you’re switching to a different type of tire—from all-season to winter, for example. However, you should buy them in pairs, and if you only purchase two at a time, make sure to put the new tires on the rear of your car to help maintain better stability and traction.

A car accident could cost you your life. Stay safe, and keep your car expenses low by purchasing the right tires for the job.

Call your nearest Title Tree store for information on securing title pawn cash advance in Loganville to make purchasing new tires a pain-free experience. Your budget will thank you.




Need Furnace Repair Before It Gets Cold? Why You Need Cash Advance, Atlanta GA

cash advance in Atlanta GAA cash advance in Atlanta, GA can offer quick, convenient funding for important projects that can save you money throughout the entire year. Furnace upkeep is the perfect example. When used to provide your HVAC system with preventative maintenance, a title pawn can double or triple the return on your investment by the end of the year.

Saving Money through Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance of your heating system involves installing a new, efficient furnace filter, clearing out dirt, gunk and debris and completing a thorough HVAC inspection to make sure all of your components are ready for the strain of winter weather. A qualified technician can make your system run better and use less energy, reducing the cost of your heating throughout winter.

Additional benefits include:

  • Less wear and tear, ensuring your furnace lasts as long as possible
  • Increased comfort
  • Greater chance of avoiding a breakdown or a need for repairs

By using a title pawn to pay for preventative maintenance, you’re likely to earn back the interest you pay and then some through the money you save on energy bills every month.

The Extra Savings of Enrolling in a Maintenance Plan

Homeowners can often do a rudimentary check of their HVAC equipment on their own, but they may not have the training required to spot problems in the making. Worn parts and failing sensors are two common issues that require a professional touch. Hiring out preventative checks is affordable enough to make financial sense, although hiring a shop has extra benefits.

For instance, HVAC centers sometimes offer yearly maintenance plans. These include a check of your heating equipment before winter and a check of your cooling equipment before summer. You may also be able to access special rates on repair, replacement or on professional-grade filters, updated temperature controls and add-on components like humidity controllers. You can turn the small amount you invest paying the interest on a cash advance into big-time savings by using the money to enroll in a maintenance plan.

The Shocking Effects of Small Changes

When it comes to HVAC services, you don’t need to make a huge investment to reap the rewards. Planned or not, a regular maintenance visit is very affordable. So are other little changes, like replacing or upgrading the filter you use with your furnace. A clogged or faulty air filter or one that isn’t right for your equipment can make it very difficult for your system to move warmed air throughout your home. The extra energy it takes to keep your property sufficiently warm can blow your monthly budget. Switching out the filter can save you a significant amount of money.

Staying Comfortable throughout the Year

Going the extra mile and paying for an energy evaluation can help you pinpoint leaks and gaps in your home’s construction. While these can cost a few hundred dollars when performed correctly, they typically shrink utility bills by around 30 percent. The savings are worth it for most homeowners, while others are just desperate for a way to feel more comfortable throughout the year.

Warm and cold spots in your home can wreak havoc on your heating and cooling bills, but they can also encourage owners to be more frugal with their thermostats. The result is feeling too cold all winter and too hot all summer, just to avoid running up your electric bill. Put a stop to it by finding out why those spots exist, and you’ll be able to relax in sufficiently conditioned air without sweating your budget.

Avoiding Dangerous Complications

When things go really wrong with your heating system, financial expense isn’t your only risk. Not only are the young, elderly and immune-compromised often vulnerable to chilling temperatures, but if your heating device malfunctions it can lead to a fire or explosion. According to the United States Fire Association, heating equipment is the second leading cause of house fires, and these can typically be avoided through regular maintenance checks. Using a cash advance to protect your family and your budget is using good financial sense.

Visit a Title Tree location near you to learn more about how your car can help you get a cash advance in Atlanta, GA to provide the necessary HVAC maintenance and repairs.


You’re Not Alone: The Top 4 Reasons People Need Cash Advance

Need Cash Advance

Getting a cash advance in Lilburn doesn’t set you apart from the pack. Sometimes people need cash advances. The state ranks 43rd in the nation for healthy financial planning and daily habits, and 11.5 percent of households have no bank accounts. Our state clearly suffers from problems, and consumers are hungry for financing options capable of helping them cover their expenses without burying them in debt. According to the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, people with bad financial habits can help themselves by making a few simple adjustments – creating and sticking to a budget, eating more meals at home, and avoiding “retail therapy” shopping outings, for example. Don’t worry! These changes don’t need to be made immediately, and are relatively painless. Putting the changes into practice at regular intervals will help you slowly transition toward a state of financial health. The following reasons make Lilburn residents more than likely to succumb to financial issues:

Not tracking expenses

Knowing where your money goes is an important element in making better financial choices. It may be that you have no extra money coming in, and all of your income goes to bills. You might also be spending extra income in ways you could easily change in order to save. Chances are, once you begin tracking where your money goes each month, you’ll be amazed to find ways in which it gets wasted, and can be easily remedied. For instance, buying single issues of newspapers and magazines instead of getting subscriptions, or buying single sodas every day when you could buy a case for much less and just take one with you to work.

Not understanding the big picture

When you get a cash advance in Atlanta, make sure you deal with a financial provider capable of giving you all the facts. Know how much the payments will be each month. Understand how much the total expense will be to repay the loan, as well as the financing fees. This is true for traditional banks and for special funding, because banks aren’t always able to give consumers the best rates. Title pawns work for most individuals because of their easy repayment plans. The financing fees for a title pawn are traditionally much less, for instance, than dealing with overdrafts if your checking account becomes overdrawn. Title pawns are an invaluable resource to use in tandem with traditional banking when you need immediate financing or you need cash advance.

Making random purchases

It’s much easier to spend money than earn it. It’s easy to fritter away the money in your bank account with a debit card or check book when you are accustomed to buying incidentals. Try to train yourself away from purchases made on the fly. When you enter a store, make sure you have a list of the items you’re going to buy, and stick to it! If something is important enough, you’ll remember to add it to your list for your next shopping trip. In addition to saving money on purchases, when you plan your purchases carefully, it’s easier to take advantage of flash sales you can use to save money later on. During down times, retailers offer big ticket items at steep discounts to encourage more business. You can use a cash advance in Lilburn to buy an item today you might spend twice or three times as much on a few months down the road.

Not reviewing the budget

It isn’t easy to set and forget your income and expenses. Every month brings new challenges, so it’s important to go over your spending at the end of each period. As you see your new habits improving your financial health, it will become easier for you to put money into savings. Getting a cash advance in Lilburn can help you do that by providing the money you need with a payment plan tailored to your budget. You can avoid hefty penalties and take advantage of time sensitive offers that save you money in the long run. Secure short-term financing in minutes and stay on the road with the convenience of a Georgia title pawn. Visit a Title Tree location near you to learn more about how your car can help you get a cash advance near Lilburn.

The Top 3 Reasons People Need a Cash Advance

reasons people need a cash advance augustaWhen can a cash advance in Atlanta, GA, really come in handy?

You’d be surprised to know how often a cash advance in Atlanta, GA, is responsible for saving the day. They’re perfectly suited to emergency situations because of the speed with which money becomes available, and when you consider the fees, you’ll be surprised how affordable they really can be. Take a look at how a cash advance can help you save:

1.  Your Bank Account is Going Under

The fee from even one bounced payment could be more than the fee you’d pay on the money needed to keep your account in the black. If you know you’re getting close to your balance and still have payments coming out, consider a title pawn to keep from suffering from multiple return and insufficient fund charges.

2.  You Need a Doctor

With copays on the rise, you often can’t get into the doctor’s office every time you’re down, but feeling sick or dealing with chronic pain will impact your financial health in the long-run.

Low productivity, irritability or lack of concentration on the job can endanger your job. Bad health impacts your friends and family members who watch you suffer and have to help shoulder your responsibilities. Use a cash advance from Title Tree to take care of your health problems ASAP.

3.  Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

A broken air conditioner is no laughing matter during the thick of Georgia’s sweltering summer heat. It goes far beyond inconvenience and can drive up blood pressure, create breathing problems and lead to an overwhelming sense of frustration. Save yourself the hassle by taking advantage of convenient new options to get a cash advance in Atlanta, GA.

Visit your nearest Title Tree location for the information on title pawn and cash advance in Norcross, GA.



Need an Emergency Cash Advance In Atlanta? Here’s What You Need to Know

cash advance in atlantaWhat’s the best kind of cash advance in Atlanta?

Do you need a cash advance in Atlanta? Do you own a car? Drive it to Title Tree and apply for a title pawn today. It’s so easy; anyone can do it to solve their financial problems in a hurry.

Fast and Easy Application Process

Just bring your car, the car’s title, a government ID like a driver’s license and proof of residency to your nearest location. If you don’t have a job, you may be asked to show proof of other income. You can be approved and back on the road in as little as 15 minutes.

No-Questions-Asked Cash Advance

Unlike a traditional lender, the people at Title Tree won’t ask you to justify your need for funds. We understand emergencies happen. Whether you want to cash-in on a last-minute travel deal or pay an overdue bill, we’re here to help without judgment.

Perfect Solution for Those With Bad Credit

A title pawn cash advance in Atlanta is completely separate from your credit. Your score isn’t used to determine eligibility, and your payments aren’t reported. You don’t have to worry about finding short-term funding just because you’ve struggled in the past. Secure the money you need today.

Visit a Title Tree location near you to learn more about how your car can help you get a cash advance in Atlanta.

The 3 Best Reasons to Use Title Pawn in Georgia When You Need Extra Cash This Summer

title pawn in georgiaHow much does a title pawn in Georgia really cost?

Feel secure using a title pawn in Georgia to cover surprise summer costs. The associated fees are much lower than people often assume. You can cover last minute trips, summer activities and high electricity rates while spending very little on interest.

Here are 3 practical benefits of using title pawns for emergency financing:

  1. Convenient Cash in Minutes – It’s very easy to secure a title pawn in Georgia. You take your relevant paperwork into the lender, and walk out a few minutes later with cash in hand. Traditional lending requires more time and may not meet your needs if you want money right away.
  1. Possession of Your Property – With a title pawn, ofte
    n called a title loan outside of GA, you keep ahold of your car while using the title to secure short-term financing. Don’t get stuck walking in the summer’s heat. Stay cool and collected inside your car while you handle those financial worries.
  1. Flexible Repayment Plans Suited to Your Budget – Traditional loans have strict repayment rules. A title pawn repayment plan can be tailored to your budget, making it easy to afford the best the summer months have to offer.

Don’t miss out or stress out this season. Use car title pawns to fall back on when your finances become a problem.

Visit your nearest Title Tree location for more information on title pawn in Georgia.

When Your Back Goes Out, Cash Advance in Douglasville GA Will Keep Your Cash From Doing the Same

cash advanceWhen you’re injured, a cash advance in Douglasville, GA can ensure your treatment without letting your bank account go into the red. Get the quick funding you need for emergency medical care with help from a title pawn, often called “title loan” outside of GA. These convenient financing products give you the fastest financing available without forfeiting any property. Just show up with your car title in hand.

Your Personal Prescription Payment Plan

If you need a cash advance in Douglasville, GA in order to pay for prescriptions, a title pawn remains one of your best options. First, you get your money just minutes from applying. Second, you get to keep your car. Third, you don’t have to worry about shifty lenders taking your ride eventually. Title Tree has 40 years of experience in title pawn financing. They have a reputation and consumer-friendly policies you can trust.

Each agreement is good for 30 days, and they’re renewable as long as you meet the minimum payment due. If you wind up needing expensive meds, you can tailor a repayment plan over several months to spread out the burden.

Get Help Covering Copays in Douglasville, GA

Even necessary procedures come with copays. Don’t put off MRIs, therapy or surgery because you don’t have the money in savings. Get treated as fast as possible using alternative financing, and ensure you’re on your feet and earning again in no time.

Your health is nothing to fool around with, but neither are your bills. Keep your bank account and your body healthy with help from Title Tree title pawns.

Call your nearest Title Tree store to start your application for a cash advance in Douglasville, GA today.

2 Ways to Use Cash Advance Atlanta to Pay for the Easter Bunny’s Expenses

Cash Advance Atlanta NorcrossIf you’re looking for a cash advance, Atlanta has a new option consumers are crazy about. It’s the perfect solution for people wanting to splurge over the holidays. Few people have money to spend on new clothes, toys and candy without cutting into their monthly bills. Fewer banks would lend them the money needed to do it.

Title pawns offer people quick cash and affordable repayment plans. Better yet, you can spend the money on whatever you want. No banker needs to approve your expense list. Just take in your car, title and supporting documentation, and you can walk out a few minutes later with all the money you need and keep the use of your car.

You can use these convenient financing options during Easter to:

1. Secure Fast Cash for Monthly Expenses

If you’re not sure what you’ll buy with your cash advance, Atlanta title pawn providers recommend using a one-time financing arrangement to pay a regular bill. You’ll have 30 days to repay the initial agreement, and have the option to renew with a minimum payment. This gives many families the extra funds they need to cover basic holiday expenses.

2. Get a Title Pawn for Special Purchases

Is there something special on sale for Easter? Would you like to host a big family meal? Are these expenses you normally couldn’t afford? Pay for special purchases using a title pawn, and arrange repayment over several months.

Visit the Norcoss, GA  Title Tree location near you to learn more about how your car can keep you out of pawn shops.