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Think You Know What a National Title Pawn Company Can Do For You? Think Again

National Title Pawn in Dalton, GA,If you haven’t already gotten to know most national title pawn companies you’ll likely be very surprised by how much their services differ from Title Tree. We offer an exciting new form of short-term financing, while they’re closer to typical pawn dealers. The biggest difference between our services is that we aren’t also a used car dealer, so we don’t present a conflict of interest.

Here are a few different forms of short-term financing and how Title Tree’s title pawns compare:

Title Pawn vs Pawn Shops

A pawn shop takes control of your property, tries to talk you down to the lowest amounts possible and staff often use the psychological impact of shame and fear to take advantage of customers. If you aren’t able to pay their terms in 30 days, you’re out of luck. Your property gets sold to the highest bidder, and you’re likely still stuck with a pawn loan that can continue to rack up fees until the full balance is paid.

At Title Tree, we appreciate your business because we’re not relying on the sale of lost items. We earn a modest amount of interest and work to come to a repayment arrangement you can fulfill. Why? We know receiving those timely payments is best for both you and our business, and we’re proud that many of our clients have preferred our financial products to traditional loans.

Title Pawn vs Payday Loan

With a payday loan, you secure your funding with a paystub and a pre-dated blank check. The service can often provide people with fast cash for moderate fees, though there are a few bad apples taking advantage by charging outrageous interest rates. The biggest drawback to this kind of financial product is that it’s only available to people who already have a bank account and a job. People who are self-employed and those who may have a bad history with checking don’t qualify.

With a title pawn, you only need to show income. That’s typically from a job but can also include money from social security or child support payments, FIP, self-employment, student loans or other non-traditional sources.

The biggest differences come down to repayment. In many states, writing checks you can’t cash is now considered a crime. If you don’t repay your loan on time, the paycheck loan company may attempt to deposit the check you’ve given them to secure your account. If it bounces, you could be in danger of being arrested. In contrast, Title Tree is dedicated to working with you on repayment plans that won’t put you in danger of going without.

Title Pawn vs Traditional Financing

A need for good credit isn’t the only way a bank loan differs from obtaining a title pawn. Bankers have to make sure the information on your application effectively manages their risks. If you’re asking for a loan for holiday gifts, for instance, they’re likely to turn you down. The same is true for paying overdue bills, covering checks or buying food at the end of the month.

In addition, bank loans are often slow, taking several days to be processed. If you do get an acceptance, it may not be in time to take advantage of flash sales so popular in between Thanksgiving and the New Year. One of the biggest benefits to a title pawn is having access to ultra-fast financing. You can have the money you need in just 30 minutes, and no one will police the way you spend it.

Call your nearest Title Tree store for the kind of customer service you could never get from national title pawn companies.



Loganville Title Pawn Brings the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways to Customers

What would you do with a partridge in a pear tree? While we may not give away a bird or a tree, the Loganville Title Tree is offering the 12 Days of Christmas drawing to qualified customers this holiday season.

Title Tree LoganvilleOh, the “12 Days of Christmas.” Just thinking of the ever-so-popular song lyrics brings forth warm fuzzies and holiday spirit. And who wouldn’t love 12 Christmas gifts? At the Loganville Title Tree  we are doing the Christmas season right this year, sticking with the spirit of the 12 Days of Christmas and offering 12 holiday drawings for our valued customers.

We couldn’t just do one little drawing. We had to go big for our customers. These holiday drawings are tokens of our appreciation for our customers. So let’s get to the good stuff already. What will the 12 giveaways be and how can you win one?

Here’s how you can qualify for Title Tree Loganville’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway:

  • Be a current customer OR a new customer.
  • Be current on your title pawn loan payments.
  • Show up at the Loganville Title Tree location at 4152 Atlanta Hwy to enter your name into the drawing!

What types of giveaways can you expect? Well, we have to keep a few secrets, but here are some clues to what will be under the Loganville Title Tree Christmas tree this season:

  • Household goods
  • Gift cards
  • Gas cards
  • Awesome stuff you will love

We will start drawing a lucky winner each day December 12th through Christmas Eve. Winners can expect to receive a phone call from Loganville Title Tree to let them know they can come to pick out a gift from under the tree. For your convenience, we’ll even be open on Christmas Day.

Holiday Giveaways AND Holiday Cash—Loganville Title Tree Has Your Back

When you come in to see us at the Loganville Title Tree branch to get your entry in for the drawing, ask us about our holiday cash loans. Whether you need extra money for a few special gifts for loved ones or holiday travel or funds for higher utilities and other costs that crop up this time of year, we can discuss the best options for your unique situation.

You can always expect to find a friendly, professional Title Tree employee ready to help you. We pride ourselves on offering individualized services catered to your needs.

Our loan qualification process is super-fast and simple, which we know is important to you during this busy time of year. If you plan to take out a new loan with us, please be prepared to bring us your car title, vehicle, government issued identification and proof of income. Within 30 minutes, we will be able to give you your loan, and you can drive away with your car and cash in hand.

For more information about our quick cash loan process or the 12 holiday drawings, contact us today at 770-464-5800 or stop by and see us at the Loganville Title Tree location at 4152 Atlanta Hwy.

Title Tree Norcross Branch Gets in on the Season of Giving with 3 Big Holiday Drawings

Are you interested in winning big this holiday season? Check out these giveaways from your Title Tree Norcross GA title pawn company.

Title Tree NorcrossFrom the holiday tunes on the radio to Christmas lists children all over the country are composing, it’s impossible to deny that the holidays are here. At the Title Tree Norcross Branch we are excited to announce some fun giveaways to show our appreciation to customers this holiday season.

Title Tree customers will be happy to know there are no hoops to jump through or strings attached to these drawings. Simply make a one-time payment on your title pawn loan, and you are automatically entered into the drawings.

Our Title Tree family has wracked our brains to come up with great giveaways we think you will love, and here they are:

  1. Thanksgiving Basket Drawing on 11/26—all customers who make a one-time payment towards their Title Tree loan will automatically receive an entry into the drawing for a Thanksgiving basket, including turkey and all the fixings. Enjoy a bountiful Thanksgiving meal on Title Tree this year!
  2. Christmas Tablet Drawing on 12/24—all customers who make a one-time payment toward their Title Tree Loan will automatically receive an entry into the drawing for a brand new tablet. This Christmas Eve drawing is sure to delight the customers, as well as any kids in the family!
  3. Holiday Drawing on 12/29— all customers who make a one-time payment toward their Title Tree Loan will automatically receive an entry into the drawing. The winner of this drawing will receive their title back! That’s right, we will give you back your title for a loan up to $3,000, including new loans.

Become a Holiday Drawing Winner—Make Your Title Pawn Loan Payment

We’ve made it easy for customers to get entered into our drawings, because these drawings are ways for us to say thank you for being a valued and loyal customer. We are thankful we have a chance to serve you year-round, and look forward to helping you with your quick cash needs today and in the months and years to come.

At Title Tree Norcross Branch, we view our customers as more than just numbers. We view you as part of the Title Tree family, and we are here to help you out during those stressful times when money is tight. It is our pleasure to provide friendly customer service that goes above and beyond the norm.

You will notice that it isn’t common for companies like ours to offer these kinds of giveaways, but that’s because we aren’t a common company. We strive to deliver uncommonly exceptional service to our Title Tree customers, and hope these holiday drawings will express our appreciation to you.

Visit the Norcross Branch Today for the Drawing or for Holiday Cash

Stop in to see us at the Norcross branch at 2078 Beaver Ruin Rd NW #300 and ask any questions you have about either these holiday drawings or the title pawn services we offer. You will always find a friendly Title Tree employee ready to answer your questions.

Perhaps you have never used Title Tree for your quick cash services before. Today is a great time to start. Get some extra cash for the holidays or money to pay for other expenses that crop up this time of year. At Title Tree, you will get the best rates and you can still drive your car, so it is truly the ultimate in convenience.

If you take out a new loan and then make a payment, you can be entered into these holiday drawings. Our title pawn loan process is simple. Bring us your:

  • Vehicle
  • Car Title
  • Government Issued ID
  • Proof of Income

The entire process typically takes less than 30 minutes, and you can drive away with your car. Then, as soon as you make your payment, you will entered into the drawing.

Contact the Title Tree Norcross branch today at 770-263-8800 for more information on our holiday drawings or title pawn loan services, and happy holidays to your and your family!

Lilburn Title Pawn Treats Customers to Holiday Giveaways

To show their customer appreciation this holiday season, the team at the Title Tree Lilburn Branch announces two holiday drawings for monetary gift cards.

Title Tree LilburnAs the sights and sounds of the holidays begin to surround us, Title Tree’s Lilburn Branch is planning for a few special drawings to bring holiday cheer to our valued customers. We enjoy working with you year-round, but the holidays present the perfect time to show our appreciation in a tangible way—with gifts!

That’s right, we want to announce Title Tree Lilburn will have Thanksgiving and Christmas drawings with five qualified customers winning gift cards to help with holiday shopping, holiday travel, higher utility bills or really anything you need! We know that expenses this time of year get tight, and we hope this giveaway will bring some much-needed relief to the winners.

Our entire office is buzzing with excitement over these giveaways, because we can’t wait to give back to the customers we appreciate so much. At Title Tree, we view our customers as part of our family, so being able to take some time to share the season of giving with you brings great joy to us. We can’t wait to announce the lucky winners of our drawings!

There will be two days of giveaways with a total of five winning customers. Here’s what to expect from the drawings:

  • Thanksgiving giveaway will take place on November 24, with Lilburn Title Tree employees drawing the name of three qualified customers who will each win a $65 gift card.
  • Christmas giveaway will take place on December 20 with two customer names being drawn from the box to win a $125 gift card.

In order to qualify for an entry into these holiday drawings, Lilburn’s Title Tree customers need to meet these qualifications:

  • Be a new or returning customer.
  • Submitted the most recent loan payment by the due date.
  • Recently added money to the loan.

See how easy it is to qualify? If you are qualified, just come on down to the Lilburn Branch at 4895 Stone Mountain Hwy, STE D, to enter your name into the drawing box. If your name is drawn on either November 24 or December 20, one of our employees will contact you by phone to let you know you can stop by the office to pick up your gift card.

Whether You Want a Holiday Giveaway or Holiday Cash, Lilburn Title Tree Has You Covered

When you come in to see us at Lilburn’s Title Tree branch to get your entry in for the drawing, go ahead and ask us about our holiday cash loans. Whether you need extra money for a few special gifts for loved ones or holiday travel or funds for higher utilities and other costs that crop up this time of year, we can discuss the best options for your unique situation.

You can always expect to find a friendly, professional Title Tree employee ready to help you. We pride ourselves on offering individualized services catered to your needs.

Our loan qualification process is super-fast and simple, which we know is important to you during this busy time of year. If you plan to take out a new loan with us, please be prepared to bring us your car title, vehicle, government issued identification and proof of income. Within 30 minutes, we will be able to give you your loan, and you can drive away with your car and cash in hand.

For more information about our quick cash loan process or the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday giveaways, contact us today at 770-741-2100 or stop by and see us at the Title Tree Lilburn location at 4895 Stone Mountain Hwy, STE D.

The Top 5 Biggest Secrets About Pawn Shops Revealed

Secrets about pawn shopsHow do pawn shops in Loganville, GA really make money?

If you’re low on funds and need money quickly, you might think that the pawn shops in Loganville, GA, should be one of your first stops. Take a deep breath and wait before you take the leap. There are better resources in your area for short-term financing, and there are good reasons to avoid pawning your belongings. Here are the top 5 biggest secrets about pawn shops.

1. Getting fair value

Pawn shops offer you short-term financing and they secure the funds with your property, but they don’t want to take a loss in the event that you default. Pawn shops make sure they’re going to make money by offering you a small percentage of what your items are worth. These usually range from 50 to 65 percent of fair market value, and if you miss a payment, your property is gone forever.

2. Finance and storage fees

You have to carefully read your agreements to make certain you know how much you’ll invest over the life of your refinancing plan. Pay special attention to whether or not your financial agreement ends on default. Will taking possession of your property and readying it for sale end the agreement, or will a pawn shop continue to charge you service fees until you complete your loan?

3. Some pawn shops are illegal

With dozens of pawn shops in Georgia, you’d be surprised at how many are operating without the credentials they need. Not only does this impact the way they charge interest and fees, but also whether or not your items will be securely stored while you pay off your financing. Without the proper licensing, a pawn shop may not be able to get the insurance needed to cover theft or damage to customer property.

4. Stolen merchandise

If you bring in an item similar to something taken during a robbery, you could find yourself on the radar. Not every piece of property has serial numbers. In the worst case scenario, police might show up at your door asking for proof you really owned what you pawned.

5. Pawning your car

For many people, the only property they have of real value is also the means by which they get to work or take their children to school or the doctor. Reputable pawn shops in Loganville, GA, take jewelry, electronics, photography equipment and musical instruments, but they do not take cars on trade. However, there’s a different type of lending available to those who own their own cars.

A title pawn in Georgia, sometimes referred to as a title loan in other states, is short-term financing secured by your car’s title. Unlike a typical pawn shop scenario, you don’t leave your property behind. Instead, you can stop in, fill out paperwork and be back on the road in minutes with all of the money you need.

What do people use title pawns for?

Unfortunately, Georgia is in a terrible financial spot. Nearly 12 percent of residents don’t even have a bank account, and sixty percent have no savings to speak of. The state faces obstacles when it comes to banking and financial services.

Most people who assume they qualify for short-term loans from banks are surprised to find out the standards have been raised to an unreasonable level. Alternatives have been created to fill in those gaps. It’s up to individuals to evaluate their options and go with the plans providing the most money at the lowest expense versus those putting your property at risk.

Stay away from pawn shops in Loganville, GA. Ask Title Tree whether you qualify for an auto pawn.

What You Need to Know About Online Title Pawns When Unexpected Medical Expenses Come Your Way

norcross online title pawnsOnline title pawns are one of the few ways you can get massive amounts of cash within minutes. It’s perfect for situations where you need a medical procedure done now, but don’t have the cash for your copay. In some situations, offices require payment of the total amount of your healthcare upfront. If you’re in pain and need help, don’t suffer through the wait of a traditional loan application. Grab your car’s title and head to a title pawn financer today.

Medical Insurance Copays Prevent Necessary Care

Did you know insurance companies can postpone surgery that has been deemed necessary to prevent the spread of cancer and other potentially deadly conditions? Insurance companies are not required to cover operations until you can pay your copay, and without their permission, hospitals and doctors are sure to turn you away. If you wind up in this position, know that online title pawns can be there to help you get into the doctor right away instead of making you wait for months while you save money.

Dental Problems are Rarely Covered, Even Serious Ones

Oral infections can leach into the blood system, creating serious health issues that could result in death. A young man – a young father – passed away just a few years ago from an abscessed tooth. He’d gone to the ER but then couldn’t afford the medication he needed to get well. Never worry about being able to afford life’s necessities again. All you need is your car title and a source of income for repayment to get online title pawns.

Real people often struggle to see a doctor when their lives are on the line. Don’t wind up one of them.

Call your nearest Title Tree store for information on using an online title pawn for healthcare today.

Need Tuition Money for Fall? How a Title Pawn in Lilburn, GA Can Help

title pawnA title pawn in Lilburn, GA can help fund your education without risking your wheels.

A title pawn in Lilburn, GA allows you to borrow short-term financing with help from your car title. It’s fast and convenient, and the best part comes when you leave the shop. Instead of leaving your car behind, you can take it with you to school and to work. This helps you take full advantage of your financing so you can repay the loan on time.

Paying for School Expenses When You Can’t Get Student Loans

Most of your school expenses should be covered under federally backed student loans. What if you’ve defaulted? What happens if your grade point falls? While many schools allow students to enter recovery plans, others won’t have leniency at all. They’ll expect you to pay for a few semesters of classes before you’ll qualify again for student funds.

A  title pawn in Lilburn, GA is perfect for this situation because your car is likely valuable enough to borrow the amount of money you need to get back in school. After your grade point has risen again, or once you’re back on track with your financing plan, you can get back to applying for government-backed student programs.

Don’t put off returning to college. Use your car’s title to invest in your future. Stop in for just a few minutes, and drive away with your car and the money you need!

Visit a Title Tree location near you to learn more about how your car can help you get a title pawn in Lilburn, GA.



2 Reasons Pawn Shops in Norcross are Not the Right Choice When You Need Emergency Cash

pawn shopsPawn Shops in Norcross Hold Your Property Hostage

If you have an emergency, visiting pawn shops in Norcross might seem like the best idea. They give people money in a relatively short amount of time. You probably have items you can do without as well, but what happens if you pawn an item and then need it down the road? You won’t be able to get it back without paying off your debts first. Unfortunately, that’s not the worst of it.

Here are the two main reasons you should avoid pawning items when you’re low on cash.

1.  Pawn Shops Keep Your Property

Instead of heading to pawn shops in Norcross, consider getting a title pawn. They both provide fast financing for your emergency bills, where the pawn shop will not physically take possession of your property. Rather, the loan is issued based on the value of your car, and is contingent upon your possession of your auto’s title. You can borrow a little or a lot in just a few minutes, and once you get your emergency financing, you can still drive off in your car.

2.  You Don’t Receive Fair Value

In addition, some pawn shops seriously undercut the value of your goods, knowing you’re desperate for money. Their hope is that you’ll decide that your property isn’t worth the fee needed to pay your bills, and they’ll make a killing reselling your items. Title pawn providers know their money comes from interest on your short-term financing, so they are more likely to value your car at or above its true value.

Do you need money today? Own your own car? Drive yourself straight past the pawn shop when looking for alternative financing.

Skip pawn shops in Norcross, and visit your nearest Title Tree location for more information on title pawn in Georgia.

The 3 Best Reasons Title Pawn in Loganville GA is a Better Solution Than Pawn Shops

title pawnWhat’s the best way to avoid using pawn shops in Loganville, GA?

Traditional pawn shops in Loganville, GA, are no longer the absolute best method for fast and creative last-minute financing. A quicker, more affordable option is available for people who own their cars. A title pawn in Loganville GA is an exciting new possibility, offering you lightning-fast funding, continued use of your car and payment plans suited to your income.

Here are three important reasons a title pawn financer should be your first stop:

You get money in minutes.

At a pawn shop, you’re often forced to wait through long lines of customers interested in buying surrendered property. In contrast, when you stop in to get a title pawn, you can be out in as little as 15 minutes.

You get money while keeping your property.

If you pawn a gaming system, you won’t be able to play again until you pay your financing off. A title pawn in Loganville, GA works different than pawn shops. When you secure short-term financing with the title of your auto, you keep your property and continue to use it as normal.

 Your repayment plan is suited to your budget.

A car has so much more value than the typical pawn shop trade. It’s guaranteed most people won’t be borrowing up to their limits and will have more flexibility with their repayment arrangements. Paying your full balance allows you to end your title pawn, but it’s possible to pay a minimum payment and simply renew your loan. You can stretch your payments out to something you find truly affordable.

Avoid pawn shops in Loganville, GA, today. Call your nearest Title Tree store for information on title pawn.


Don’t Let Unexpected Bills Empty Your Bank Account, Check Out a Title Pawn Instead

a title pawn instead douglasville GAWhy is a Douglasville, GA title pawn good for emergency funding?

Douglasville title pawn funding offers you fast cash at an affordable rate. You’ll have fees to pay, but they won’t be any bigger than overdraft or high credit card interest rates. Solve your problems quickly, and sign on to a repayment plan suited to your budget with a title pawn.

Overdraft Fees are Expensive

People with good credit shy away from creative financing because it doesn’t always offer the lowest interest rates, but you may be surprised to find how affordable it really is. Compared to $20 return check fees, $35 non-sufficient fund fees and other charges banks and creditors will expect you to pay, the cost of using a title pawn to make sure your bank account doesn’t go under is a drop in the bucket.

Cover Surprise Charges Right Away

It can take several days to secure a traditional loan. An Atlanta title pawn takes just a few minutes. Avoid hefty late fees and prevent your credit from taking a hit by using your car to get last-minute financing. With a title pawn, you can also keep your car on the road while getting the money you need to pay bills. Get back and forth to work without any problems with this convenient new way of getting money fast.

Ask Title Tree whether you qualify for GA auto pawn or Doulgasville title pawn today.


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