Can You Really Save Money with Couponing?

Learn to save money with couponing in a way that’s really worth the effort.

Save Money with CouponingThe secret of how to save money couponing comes down to leverage. To get the most bang for your buck, use multiple coupons to purchase items you buy already when they are on sale. You can use coupons at other times to save a bit of money here and there too. It just won’t be worth investing a lot of time into preparations. Follow along with our top tips for saving money with coupons, and you’ll be saving mega-bucks in no time!

Easy Coupon Methods

There are extreme coupon sites which will walk you through the couponing process step-by-step. They’ll teach you where to get the best coupons, how to determine “good” prices, how to stack coupons, which stores to avoid and ultimate hacks you can use to save the most possible on everything you buy. Those sites are extensive and might overwhelm someone who is new to coupon shopping. Instead of going all-out all at once, you might want to start out slow and easy.

Auction Sites

Sites like eBay make it incredibly easy to get started. Try to search for one of the following:

Coupon lots
Manufacturer coupons
[Store name] coupons
[Product] coupons

See for yourself, and be sure to mix it up to find which searches give you the best results.

For instance:

Marlboro coupons – 127 results
Cigarette coupons – 247 results
Tobacco coupons – 118 results

You could easily get $30 or more off your cigarette purchase by spending $3 for coupons online.

Printable Coupons

In addition to auction sites, there are websites online where you can find an endless number of manufacturers’ coupons that are free to print off. As you browse them, you can click a button to “clip” them digitally. This banks them all in a folder until you’re ready to print them off and use them while you shop in stores.

Using this method, you don’t ever have to keep track of loose coupons. Just print the ones you need for the day and leave the rest in your basket. This saves time, space in your purse and money, as you’re not wasting paper and ink on coupons you won’t really use.

Digital Coupons

These sites – and manufacturers’ sites and newsletters too – sometimes have a different type of coupon online. Digital coupons aren’t printed off. Instead, you supply the sales clerk with a numerical code in order to take advantage of the deal. In other situations, you have a barcode on your phone or tablet the store clerk is able to scan for your discount.

Websites with printable and digital coupons often have cashback programs they use as incentives for visitors to keep coming back. So definitely check before making any big purchases. In some situations, you can get cashback programs within so many days of your purchase if you have a receipt.

Retailer Coupons

Every week, grocery stores update their weekly advertisements. They often include store-specific coupons you can’t use anywhere else … with some exceptions! It pays to collect the ads from several different stores in your area. Note, they might be accessible online.

These ads usually have clippable coupons of some kind to generate interest. The spectacular news is you can use these coupons at the specific retailer or at stores in your area (or online) that match prices.

Price matching is helpful when:

You want to shop at one store to buy all of your groceries.
The item is sold out at the original store.
A different store offers its own percentage off coupon you can stack with the price match.

Price matching makes it easier to combine discounts and coupon offers.

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